Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Gifts

Here are just a few of the orders I did for people this year to give as gifts.
I hope everyone is enjoying their gifts.

These two little hats were done for my little cousins Emily and Katelyn.
I made a chocolate brown hat for each and then hand made some flowers to attach. I think they turned out pretty cute.

 These are some camo hats I made for a long time family friend. These were for her niece and nephew. I really love the addition of the orange...I think it is quite clever.

Last but not least is a camo hat and scarf set I made for a friend for her to give to her neice.
I really love how it turned out.

Thanks again to everyone for their orders! 
 Happy Holidays to everyone from Nerdy Gurl Creations.
Here's to 2012!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A few more hats...

I've been a busy little knitter, which is good.
Here are some pictures of things I have made recently for fun and some were ordered.
 These three hats were really fun to make. These were special order for some adults. 
I think I like the red and brown one the best. :) But of course I am proud of ALL my work :)
This was my first special order. This was for my fan Seth, he is 4 years old. 
Unfortunately I did not have any hats in his size when I saw him. He showed so much "excitement" for my hats that I told him I could custom make him a hat. So he told me what character he wanted and his favorite color.

This little hat was made for my little cousin Katelyn. Can't wait to see a picture of her in it.
Here are some random baby and toddler hats I have made in my spare time.

Now I have to get busy with the Christmas orders I have received.
Busy busy busy...and I love it! :)